Instytut Kultury Miejskiej (IKM) is a municipal cultural institution in Gdańsk, whose aim is to increase the role of culture in the life of the city and to encourage active participation in culture, whether it be through the work of experts at the Cultural Observatory, or through activity addressed directly to the city’s residents. The main areas of interest for IKM are new cultural phenomena as well as those cultural projects that engage residents and reach new recipients. IKM’s goal is to reinforce ties between culture and other domains of life. Social issues, public spaces, image, quality of life and culture – this is all IKM territory.

Projects coordinated by IKM employees cover a wide range of issues, including art in public spaces, activating communities, art for children and teens, international artistic and cultural exchanges, promoting literature, new media, research in culture, and supporting other cultural institutions and NGOs through workshops, networking and debates. Additionally, we run our own publishing house and a Cultural Information Desk for all residents and tourists visiting Gdańsk, who are interested in the TriCity’s cultural offer.

The key to IKM activity and project management are these values:

  • DIALOGUE, reacting, openness to discussion, assessing needs, consulting, openness to participational activity
  • OPENNESS to the opinions of residents and people involved in culture, sharing knowledge, networking
  • EXPERIMENT, new quality, inspiring
  • diversified QUALIFICATIONS
  • REFLECTION, evaluation of our work

Festivals organized