From May 29 to 31 poets from Austria, Switzerland and Südtirol will meet and "work" under the topic of "poetic network".

Literaturhaus NÖ and poetry perfectly fit together. Since the very beginning in 2000 we have been staging poetry events, since 2014 we have been intensifying our "poetry obsession". We have a partnership with Versopolis and had five international poets at our festival "Literatur & Wein" and we have our annual "poetry symposion", which we started in 2014 under the topic of "paar : weise" ("in pairs").

The idea behind paar : weise, which consisted of a three days symposion in Literaturhaus NÖ (www.literaturhausnö.at) end of May 2014, was a pair of poets responding to the poems of each other in a very poetic way.

End of May 2015 again eight poets will meet in Literaturhaus NÖ and once again Austrian Versopolis-poet Christoph W. Bauer ( will be the curator of the project.

From May 29 to 31 poets from Austria (Gerhard Ruiss, Rudolf Kraus, Renate Aichinger, Margret Kreidl and Versopolis-poet Sophie Reyer), Switzerland (Zsuzsana Gahse and Kurt Aebli) and Südtirol (Sepp Mall) will meet and "work" under the topic of "poetic network".

The result will be published in a book and will be presented to the public in December 2015.

Cornelius Hell, who did a great job when translating the poems of Versopolis-poet Vytautas Stankus from Lithuanian into German, once criticized that poetry is given too little space and attention in today’s literary reception.

He called this "damage and shame", which is a challenge for us to do something against it!