Versopolis at Slovenian Book Days

This year Slovenian Book Days are taking place between 20 and 24 April with Versopolis presentation on the second day of the festival

The annual event that celebrates 20 years this April is organized by the Slovenian Writers' Association and manifests as a nation-wide feast of books and reading with a rich side-programme for children, elderly, and art lovers as well. The guests of the four-day festival are both foreign and domestic, but the most notable two for us have been Stanka Hrastelj and Kristina Hočevar, two Slovenian Versopolis nominees whose works accompanied the event on 21 April. Together with Slovenian Versopolis coordinator Anja Kovač they presented the project at the big stage in front of the City Hall of Ljubljana. The Versopolis event was hosted by Carmen L. Oven, a renown Slovene writer and moderator of literary events.

Another Versopolis poet present at the festival was Katja Perat, a Slovenian nominee who has been recently nominated for the ‘kritiško sito’ (critics' sieve) award and was one of the focus guests at Slovenian Book Days. The winner of the award will be announced on 22 April.