Versopolis at Literatur&Wein

Festival Literatur&Wein hosted five Versopolis poets from all over Europe (VIDEO)

Literatur&Wein, Austrian literature and wine festival that takes place in Krems anually and happened between 9 and 12 April this year, also hosted five foregin poets as part of the Versopolis project. The hosted poets came from all over Europe - Krystyna Dąbrowska from Poland, Vladimir Martinovski from Macedonia, Katja Perat from Slovenia, Vytautas Stankus from Lithuania and and Mária Ferenčuhová from Slovakia.

All five had a reading on Saturday April 11 and now you can watch a short video that Literatur&Wein created of the event. The producer Christian Kermer did a fantastic job and we hope you'll enjoy in this short video as much as we did.

If you still haven't seen the official Versopolis video, you can watch it here.