Literatur&Wein festival wrapped up after four days with a strong poetic focus.

Fourth and final day of the festival! Needless to say we were tired – but we still had enough power for the last day!

Poetry was the topic of two events on Saturday, on poetry was also put the main focus on Sunday. Famous Austrian poet H.C. Artmann, who died in 2000, was honored on this special Sunday morning. Three writers –  Rosa Pock, Artmann’s widow and an excellent poet herself, Swiss poet Raphael Urweider, who was in contact with good old Artmann and visited him several times and Austrian singer and performer Christoph Mauz paid homage to one of the best Austrian poets ever.

And even the music was in perfect Artmann-mood. Roland Neuwirth, the most famous representative of modern Wienerlied, who is the only artist who had been taking part in all seventeen "literature & wine"-festivals so far, had transformed Artmann-poetry into music and by this set a perfect final chord to the most successful festival in history.

For three days the audience, the writers and musicians and of course the organizers of the festival had been drinking excellent wines from the Kamptal region – on the final day we continued our beloved tradition to celebrate with sparkling wine.

It was a great feeling to take a sip and to remember the last four days, to memorize the great readings and music, to think of the atmosphere and the happiness the festival once again renderered to so many people and to be thankful that everything went that smooth.

The show must go on and it definitely will – "Literatur & Wein" will be staged again from April 14 to 17, 2016!