Ars Poetica Versopolis Edition of Booklets

We have created a unique edition of five booklets, each featuring poetry by one of the Versopolis poets performing at this year’s Ars Poetica festival: Laura Accerboni, Julien Delmaire, Nora Gomringer, Semier Insayif a Lies van Gasse. The original graphic design was created by our in-house graphic artist Lívia Kožušková. “I was inspired by the authors’ words and thoughts. They visualized into images, which I consequently transposed into an organic world of flowers in symbiosis with a starker, slightly cold black and white geometry. My goal was to create a mutual harmony between word and image,” says Lívia Kožušková on the thought process behind her designs.

The booklets will be available at the festival and will be free of charge.

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