The 56th Struga Poetry Evenings are beginning

With the traditional planting of a tree in the park of poetry, in honor of the laureate, the American poet of Serbian descent Charles Simic and the reading of Konstantin’s “Longing for the South” in front of the House of Poetry, today begins the 56th edition of the Struga Poetry Evenings festival.

After the planting of the tree in the “Park of Poetry”, during the first poetic reading of this year’s festival, part of the participants will read their poetry, including this year’s laureate Charles Simic. The official opening ceremony will be at 20.30 at the plateau in front of the Center for Culture “Miladinov Brothers”. Traditionally, the international poetic reading “Poetic Meridians” takes place that evening, where thirty poets from Macedonia and abroad will read their poetry.

During the six festival days, almost fifty events have been planned in the program, including poetic readings, portraits, presentation of the publishing projects, symposiums, debates, musical and other happenings. The very next day, the program offers a portrait of Ivan Dzeparoski, last year’s winner of the “Miladinov Brothers” Award for the best poetic book in Macedonian language published between two festival editions by, followed by the poetic readings of poets on the shortlist for this award for 2017. There will also be a portrait of Goran Čolakhodžić from Croatia, the winner of the “Bridges of Struga” Award, which is awarded by SPE and UNESCO for the best debutante book.

An essential part of this year’s festival is the program segment “Poetry on the Road”, which this year will take place in Ohrid, Bitola, Resen and Skopje. The event organized in cooperation with Municipality Resen and the Center for Culture “Dragi Tozija” from Resen will take place on Thursday starting at 20.30, and the event in cooperation with the Center for Culture Bitola will take place on Friday starting at 20.00 o’clock. This year in Ohrid, at the “House of Uranija” of MANU on Thursday and Friday the poetic readings of part of the participants of SPE will take place. The events are planned to start at 20.30 o’clock. After the poetic portrait of the laureate, which traditionally takes place at the church St. Sophia in Ohrid, at 22.30 at the square, the poetic meeting named “Consonances” will take place. The official closing of this year’s edition with the poetic meting “Bridges” will take place on Sunday, 27th of August. With the post-festival events in Matka and the poetic readings at the Stone Bridge in Skopje comes the end of the program of the 56th edition of the Struga Poetry Evenings.

At the 56th Struga Poetry Evenings, thirty poets from Macedonia and abroad will participate, some of the most memorable poetry writers of the world, such as Duo Duo, Anne Michaels, Ryszard Krynicki, Jānis Rokpelnis, Habib Tengour and also many other attractive names from the younger generation from around the world. This year, with poetic readings of previous winners of the “Miladinov Brothers” the SPE will mark the 55 year jubilee from the establishment of the award. The musical-poetic “Nights without Punctuation” will also take place at locations near the Ohrid Lake.