The end of 52nd Goran's Spring festival

The 52nd Goran’s Spring spent its last two days visiting several different locations, introducing the poets to the local communities, as well as introducing the natural and cultural landmarks to the poets.

On Friday, March 20, the poets went on a guided tour of the beautiful ancient town of Hum – also known as the “smallest town in the world” – after which they continued their journey to Pazin where they performed their poetry before a full house.

On Saturday, March 21 – the first day of spring and the birthdate of the famous poet Ivan Goran Kovačić – the poetry caravan, following its tradition, went to Lukovdol where it was greeted by a busload of visitors from Zagreb, as well as by numerous local residents who took an interest in the manifestation. In addition to the performance of the excellent Ivan Goran Kovačić Folk Ensemble, laying of a memorial wreath at the monument dedicated to Ivan Goran Kovačić and the local students’ poetry reading of their best poetic works, the award ceremony honouring the poet laureates was also held in Lukovdol. The Goran's Wreath award – the work of the great sculptor Vojin Bakić – was presented to Mario Šuško, while the Goran for Young Poets award, which includes the publication of the author’s first book of poems, was presented to Goran Čolakhodžić.

The 52nd Goran’s Spring was closed with one more poetry reading night event, this time held in a more relaxed and informal tone and intimate atmosphere of one of the most beautiful smaller cultural meeting places in Zagreb – the coffee bar U dvorištu.