F. A. Q.

1. How can I participate in the Versopolis platform?

Currently we are only accepting poets that are nominated by poetry organizations/festivals in the platform. Each participating partner nominates poets for the platform and 2015 submissions are already closed. To participate in the platform, we suggest you contact aforementioned organizations/festivals and present your work to them.


Criteria for the selection through an organization/festival:

The poets have to be selected in line with the already set platform criteria:

-        The selected poet must have at least one published book in her/his respective language;

-        It has not passed 20 years since the release of her/his first book;

-        The poet doesn’t have more than three independent book translations in foreign languages;

-        Poets’ work was recognized as an important literary contribution of high quality, which is evident on the level of reviews, national awards and scholarships.

Publications of translated poems in anthologies and magazines don't count.


2. I am a translator and would like to include translated poetry on the website. How can I do that?

At the moment, we cannot accept your translations on the website. To participate in the platform with your translations, we suggest you contact aforementioned organizations/festivals and present your work to them.


3. Do you accept any work for submission?

We do not accept any form of poetry – individual poems, translations, books etc. – for submission at the present. However, we do accept prose, namely short stories in English, maximum length being around 20.000 characters with space. We do make exceptions, regarding length. All prose is compensated, the fees are established individually.

4. Does the Review accept submissions in languages, other than English?

We don't.

5. Does the Review accept submission of authors, who have never published before?

We only regard quality, not personal history. So, yes, if the editorial board decides on the quality of submitted work.